Customer Acquisition

The total addressable market for Azorus can be broken down into a few different cohorts.

To guarantee we build a long-term sustainable acquisition pipeline, we will anchor our efforts on the top and mid funnel customers. By creating evergreen tools and content, we organically nudge potential customers down the marketing funnel. A benefit of this approach is we also increase the lifetime value of the customer as they learn more about other UTXO projects that Azorus will support.

OutVery LowVery HighUsers with zero interest in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency or anything to do with the UTXO ecosystem.-
TopLowHighVarious levels of cryptocurrency investment, typically unaware of the UTXO ecosystem and the benefits the technology provides.Focus on building open source tools and content outside of the blockchain technology space. Publish and interact specifically with the data science and machine learning communities. Strategic partnerships with web2 organizations.
MidModerateModerateSomewhat familiar with the UTXO alliance but unaware of its unique value propositions.Create free market intelligence reports with detailed analysis using the Azorus platform. Leverage the various social media channels and active outreach across the cryptocurrency community.
BottomHighLowUTXO brand aware customers, active community members, true champions of the space.Proactive community outreach within UTXO world. Tips and support for helping share Azorus content, reports, and marketing initiatives. Directly engage with projects building on UTXO platforms.