Market Gaps

Data Accessibility

We believe individuals and businesses should have an easy time collecting and analyzing blockchain data to make informed decisions. With that being said, there is a lack of flexible and custom onchain analytics software in the industry. This need will become more apparent in the coming years as the field matures and more projects are launched with the UTXO model.

Technical Barrier

There exists a fairly steep learning curve for someone who just wants to retrieve and visualize blockchain data. For example, setting up a node requires some hardware knowlege, but launching it also requires executing software just to get the base layer ready. Successfully completing both components may be out of reach or even beyond the appetite of the average customer.

Limited Flexibility

The current tooling in this space achieves what it set out to do - provide data views on broader ecosystem health. However, services like Glassnode on Ethereum are fully centralized. This comes at a cost to data accessibility and creates a central point of failure when the customer just wants a specific view but they need to wait for a product update that may never happen due to competing internal priorities.

Custom Visualization

Websites like Dune Analytics is a SQL-based system which means any type of graphical plotting functionality is limited to the frontend libraries they decide to use. Unfortunately, this decision significantly truncates the scope and ability for blockchain analysts to parse data, visualize market trends, extract insights, customize their graphs, and share their analysis. For example, something as simple as flipping the y-axis may require a lengthy code workaround or not even making it a visualization option.

Audience Interests

Everyone has varying degrees of time, interest, and programming knowledge when it comes to blockchain data. Some enjoy setting up the entire workflow from node launch to report publications, others just want to view charts, yet another segment is only intrigued by developing machine learning models with blockchain data. As it currently stands, there are only a few individuals in the Ergo community who can play all of these parts. Thus, a platform is needed to serve all these varying user interests and accelerate growth outside of our immediate UTXO communities.