Blockchain ledger data is immutable, secure, transparent, and readily available to everyone.

Accessing this information in its current state, however, requires a large amount of time and material investment just to retrieve even the most basic of ecosystem statistics. For instance, Alice or Bob will need to know how to interact with the blockchain, maintain the data pipelines, write code to extract the data, analyze and visualize it to draw insights, then share it with the rest of the world for consumption. These are multiple jobs that a person may not always be willing to accept. Additionally, some users are only interested in providing the data, while others just want to analyze and visualize it.

To solve for this, we intend to build Azorus, a web3 data intelligence suite for all UTXO blockchains. This data platform allows our customers to focus specifically on interfacing with blockchain data, decrease their time to visualization, analysis and insights, while offering the customization and flexibility of using their preferred programming language.

We will first focus our efforts on Ergo and the SQL programming language, but once the core infrastructure and UI components are cemented in place, we will expand to integrate across all UTXO technologies while also moving towards a fully decentralized service.