This is not the final version, but a rough timeline based on engineering estimates at the time of this writing.

Foundational Infrastructure

  • Launch and sync multiple Ergo nodes
  • Warehouse Ergo blockchain data
  • Setup platform security
  • Deploy disaster recovery and high availability systems
  • Integrate ErgoDEX liquidity pool & market data
  • Download and store market data from CoinGecko
  • TBD: ErgoPad & SkyHarbor data integration

Best-in-Class Experience

  • Blockchain query capabilities in web browser using SQL
  • Visualization library features for tabulated data
  • Report creation & sharing tools
  • Dashboard functionality for multiple reports and analysis
  • dApp connection and token utilization for platform access

Accelerate & Scale for Growth

  • Expand coverage of kernel notebooks to include R & Python
  • Full report and dashboard customization
  • API endpoint development
  • Gated market intelligence options
  • Custom services for enterprise audiences

Magnify Ownership

  • Analyst and reporting stake pools
  • Data marketplace/bazaar
  • Profit sharing (TBD)

X-Chain Coverage

  • Merge and integrate all primary UTXO blockchains
    • Bitcoin
    • Cardano
    • Alephium
    • Nervos
    • Komodo
  • Identify and onboard additional dApps from other UTXO ecosystems

Road to Decentralization

  • Begin the process of decentralizing services from Data Providers to Computation Miners and even Blockchain Analyst workflows

Ideas Backlog

  • Layer 2 data storage and hosting
  • Decentralized computation with Useful Proof of Work (UPoW) and/or off-chain bots
  • Oracle Pools (Delphi) integration to supplement with offchain data