Project Lead: Chris Yee

Chris (CurbsideProphet) is an active member of the Ergo community with contributions across many projects which include but are not limited to: {tidyergo}1, the 15 days of Ergo seed phrases2, the Enigma NFT series3, the ErgoDEX pricing app4, r/ergonauts5, and The Delphi Project6.

Lead Developer: Walter Bodwell

Walter is the founder of Planigle7, a company which provides consulting, training and tools to help teams get the most out of agile development. While at Planigle, Walter has worked with companies from start ups to large enterprises to assist them in their software practices. He has also developed an agile project management tool to help teams manage their backlogs, their iterations and their releases.

Art Director: Kenny Nguyen

Kenny8 is a graphic designer from the greater Los Angeles area with over 10 years of experience in brand marketing creative. He specializes in visual storytelling, visual identity and brand marketing helping teams launch product from a graphic perspective.