We have listed a few notable callouts below regarding the design of the Azorus token.

  • Azorus will launch on the Ergo blockchain and emit a fixed-supply of 300M tokens over the course of 30 years.
  • The core Azorus team will have a 1 year vesting schedule with a 12 months cliff.
  • Early investors, on the other hand, will have all their tokens vested daily within the first year depending on their contribution tier.

[WIP] Distribution

Not Finalized

[WIP] Emission

Not Finalized

[WIP] Platform Rewards

[WIP] Utility

Although not fully baked out yet we plan to have staking functionality in the future. For example, someone can generate additional Azorus tokens by staking them on an analyst to boost their visibility on the platform. This in turn rewards everyone in the “analyst stake pool” with higher platform rewards per unit of data.

[WIP] Incentivization

Every participant of the Azorus blockchain intelligence platform will serve their own purposes and incentives for purchasing the token.

Data ProviderEncourage decentralization by setting up a full node and providing valid, reliable, and processed blockchain data for the Azorus platformEarn platform rewards
[TBD] Computation MinerLend data processing resources (UPoW) to assist with the development of ML/AI models-
Blockchain AnalystDevelop reports, charts, machine learning models, and APIs from onchain & offchain dataEarn platform rewards, tips, gated content reports
General ConsumerFind answers to their questions and share data insights with othersStake tokens on specific analyst or report
Enterprise CompaniesLarge institutions or web3 companies that need to build services on top of various data pipelinesUtilize and enjoy the benefits of the platform
InvestorSpeculate on the future value of the platformAppreciate the financial impact of the token over time